About JEC Composites Connect


JEC Composites Connect offers an interactive visit of hundred of digital booths and a conference program aiming to unite worldwide decision makers around the development of composite materials and to provide end-users with the latest information, trends and experience on composite materials from the entire value chain.


At JEC Composites Connect, participants can meet and interact directly with each other, visitors, exhibitors, and speakers , discover product demos, videos and discuss via chat rooms. The selection can be made by products, brands, sectors or solutions.
The next collaborations and successful business deals are just a few clicks away.


JEC Composites Connect helps you discover the latest innovative solutions presented by the composites industry thanks to the exhibitors and to the JEC Group Innovation Programs, with the Startup Booster and Composites Challenge competitions as well as the JEC Composites Innovation Awards.

Composites solutions and innovations for all markets

Application Sectors

Automotive & Road Transportation | Aerospace | Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure | Maritime Transportation & Shipbuilding | Building & Civil Engineering | Equipment & Machinery | Renewable Energy | Oil & Gas | Pipe & tanks, water treatment & sewage | Defence, Security & Ballistics | Electrical, Electronics, Telecoms and Appliances | Medical & Prosthetics | Sports, Leisure & Recreation (excl. Maritime) | Design, Furniture & Home

Meet with decision-makers from the whole value chain

The whole value chain

The network powered by JEC Group

JEC Group is the world’s leading company dedicated entirely to the development of information and business connections channels and platforms supporting the growth and promotion of the composite materials industry.

Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine, the industry’s reference magazine, JEC Group drives global innovation programs and organizes several events in the world, including JEC World (the foremost and world-leading international exhibition dedicated to composite materials and their applications), which takes place every march in Paris.